Currently there are two pending lawsuit concerning beach access. Click below to read filed lawsuits.

We need your help! The Seaview and White Sands law suits are set to begin in the near future. Many of you have asked us what you can do to help, and here's your chance. The board of CfAR has been contacted by counsel for the Town Board and the Town Trustees asking for witnesses to testify in the lawsuits on Napeague. The attorneys are asking for people who can testify under oath that they drove on, and went to the beach East of Napeague Ln prior to 1999. There will be a small commitment by anyone who can help but it is vitally important that we are able to provide testimony as to the history and use of this beach. Your commitment to help preserve public access is needed more than ever. If you can help or know someone who is willing to testify in court, please contact us at with your contact information and we will get in touch with you with additional information. Your help is needed now more than ever to keep the beaches of Napeague publicly owned and accessible.

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